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Jim Morrison writes about the environment, travel, the arts, and business. His stories have appeared in numerous publications including Smithsonian, The New York Times, and National Wildlife.

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Isbell something more than free article

Jason Isbell Savors the Time to Dig Deep | Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

Jason Isbell Savors the Time to Dig Deep | Semi-Reg...

Jasonisbell2 article

Jason Isbell: Stories for Listeners | Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

On the day after the 2016 election, Jason Isbell was at home outside Nashville caring for his baby daughter, Mercy Rose, then a few months past her first birthday. His wife, Amanda Shires, was on tour in Salt Lake City that night behind her album, "My Piece of Land."

The presidential election results, he admits, blindsided him. He knew the choices were tough, especially for the working class folks he grew up with in rural Alabama.

So he did what he does. He wrote. He wrote to unpack his feelings, to confront and explain those things that seem unexplainable or intolerable. He thought he knew America. On Nov. 8, he realized he did not.

Forbertwide article

Magic Moments: A Decade of House Concerts

House concerts are many things. They’re about exploration, the thrill of discovery, of finding a new voice worth hearing. They’re about intimacy, a chance to break down the barrier between artist and audience. They’re often the only chance to get a coveted songwriter to play in this town (or many other towns, apparently; we’ve had fans travel from Nashville, Durham, D.C. and other far-flung locales for shows).

They’re about becoming a part of a community, meeting people with a shared interest in music — and maybe beer and wine and conversation.

Rosannec article

Rosanne Cash Sews Her Masterpiece | Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

Rosanne Cash Sews Her Masterpiece | Semi-Regular Ra...

Suitcasejunk1 article

One Man’s Junk Is Matt Lorenz’s Music | Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

Matt Lorenz is The Suitcase Junket, a one-man-band who does it the old-fashioned way. No tape loops. No digital tricks. Just a bunch of junk — literally — on stage with him making noise.

Lsd article

Lake Street Dive Motorboats into Norfolk | Semi-Regular Raves 'n ...

Lake Street Dive Motorboats into Norfolk | Semi-Reg...

Screen shot 2016 10 18 at 10.55.52 am article

Squeeze Comes Back Stronger

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford, the songwriters in the sublime pop/rock band Squeeze, repeatedly were labeled the next Lennon and McCartney during the 1980s.

It was not a publicist’s hype.

Screen shot 2016 10 18 at 10.55.18 am article

Frank Turner’s Passion Play | Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

Frank Turner’s Passion Play | Semi-Regular Raves 'n...

Bruceaussie article

Bruce Springsteen’s Revival Show | Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants

Bruce Springsteen’s Revival Show | Semi-Regular Rav...

Fullbright bdcdrelease may12 1344 vrfarmer article

John Fullbright Looks for the Truth

He still seems surprised to be playing alongside artists he’s a fan of. Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Ashley Monroe, and Jimmy LaFave, among others, are fans.

Avett brothers 2 article

How Kermit the Frog Inspired the Avett Brothers

Scott Avett turned to the banjo thanks to the inspiration of that legendary picker, Kermit the Frog. Avett and his brother, Seth, had been in a hard rocking band, Nemo. When it fell apart, they dec......