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Jim Morrison writes about the environment, travel, the arts, and business. His stories have appeared in numerous publications including Smithsonian, The New York Times, and National Wildlife.

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Smncpotters article

Fired With Finesse

How North Carolina potters revived a tradition. Published in Smithsonian magazine.

Redview edited article

Getting High - Serious Tree Climbing

Climbing and sleeping in the top of a 243-foot California redwood.

Monarch article

Monarch Mecca

The remarkable story of the endangered monarch butterflies migration to the mountains of Mexico.

Gindroz article

Jim Morrison - "Getting Gindrozed"

Norfolk relies on Ray Gindroz to tell the city what's good design. From PortFolio weekly.

Better Beer Through Laughter

Laughter, it seems, is not only the way to better health; it's the path to better beer. Published in American Way.

Glencanyon article

Raiders of the Lost Park

Before the dam, this 200-mile stone trough was as much as 1,200 feet deep in places, inspiring reverie from the days John Wesley Powell first led an expedition through here in 1869.

Wiffleball article

Authentic Wifleball

From Southwest Spirit. An essay on a particularly-obsessive brand of Wiffleball played as a child.

Img8 article

Cultivating Hope

The story of how one botanical garden has created a GED program for kids who otherwise would be on the streets.

Pa220199 article

Jim Morrison - Sports

Jim has written about everything from major league baseball to football to golf and adventure sports like tree climbing and canyoneering. Name the sports star ......

Header article

Jim Morrison - Feel Good Wood

Stanley Russell lifts the slender billet of northern white ash and eyes the grain. There, he says, see that squiggle? It's OK, within tolerances, but it will have to go  ......